Anthony Taille

Anthony Taille is a freelance writer exploring untold tales of Americana. His stories have appeared on Narratively, Vice, Medium, Thought Catalog and in various magazines across the web. He is currently based in Montreal with his wife and daughter and finishing his first novel while trying to survive the local climate.

Stories By Anthony Taille

48 Hours on the Dark Side of Las Vegas

Penthouse orgies fueled by pill-pushing hotel employees. A drug house stocked with sex slaves. Hidden homeless encampments underneath the casinos. A shockingly personal investigation shows the real Sin City is even seedier than you imagined.

The Truth About New York’s Legendary ‘Mole People’

Two decades after NYC sought to relocate its infamous tunnel-dwelling denizens, a years-long investigation reveals a few hardy souls still toiling and thriving beneath the city streets. They insist they wouldn’t live anywhere else.

The 911 Operator Who Needed Her Own Lifeline

Years of fielding constant calls from strangers in harrowing situations left one first responder stricken with PTSD, attempting suicide and wondering why there’s no safety net for the people who talk others back from the edge.

The Underground Inferno that Created a Ghost Town

Fifty years ago, this prosperous Pennsylvania coal town was ripped apart by a devastating subterranean mine fire. Today, the flames still burn in Centralia.