D.C. Benny

D.C. Benny, aka Benny Breadsticks, is a comedian, writer, and actor (whenever they are casting a dude who “gonna cut you good.”) He lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, where maybe you’ve seen his dog, Grits, who is famous. Benny loves gangster movies, large portions of good food, rusty old Land Rovers, his wife’s curves, and spending time in the North Fork of Long Island.

Stories By D.C. Benny

That Christmas When Mom Called Dad a Miserable Jew and He Called Her a Nazi Pig

Sometimes my Polish-Jewish father and German-Catholic mother seemed like they really loved each other. But when the holidays came around, it was World War III.

The White-Boy Comic Who Crushed the ‘Chitlin Circuit’

In the early ’90s I hustled my way through New York’s cutthroat black stand-up scene — and learned the hard way that corny jokes were no laughing matter.

Have You Heard the One About the Jewish Comedian in China?

For the past 28 years I’ve built a stand-up routine based largely on my New York neuroses, and scheduled around my personal phobia of leaving the five boroughs. When I booked a...