Daniel Krieger

Daniel Krieger, a contributing editor at Narratively, is a freelance journalist in New York. He contributes to The New York Times and his work has also appeared in Fast Company, Wired, Slate, Salon, and New York magazine.

Stories By Daniel Krieger

The Real People of Brooklyn’s Sex-Positive Group House

Yes, there are orgies and orgasm workshops. But even more fascinating is how 14 strangers turned this brownstone into the most supportive co-living arrangement in NYC.

Can These Simple Cargo-Hauling Bikes Save Our Cities?

How a scrappy collective of anti-capitalists and anarchists is changing the way New York gets deliveries—and possibly breaking our addiction to cars along the way.

This Rapid-Fire TV Host Has an Entire Studio Mounted on His Bike

Scouring the city street by street with the hardest working quiz-show master in New York.

Courtney Williams Is on a Mission to Get Black and Brown People to Bike

She fell in love with cycling, but was tired of never seeing anyone else who looked like her on two wheels. So she did something about it.

These Blind New Yorkers Are Biking Across New York City

How a bold new organization empowers people with vision impairments to experience the five boroughs like never before.

Paperless People #4: He Helped Protect Gay Nigerians. Then They Made Protecting Gay People Illegal.

An LGBT advocate who fled for his life speaks out on the agonizing process of applying for asylum while rebuilding his life across the ocean from his wife and young children.

Paperless People #3: “Lawyers are the New First Responders”

An attorney for asylum seekers on life in this brave new world.

Paperless People #2: “Tomorrow’s the Day I Find Out If I’m Going to Be Deported”

After getting caught up in white-collar crime, he rebuilt his life helping immigrants like him navigate the system. Now he faces the prospect of being torn from his wife, daughter...

Paperless People #1: “I Put My Life on the Line for This Country. My Mom Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Being Arrested.”

A Marine from the Bronx takes his bravest step yet: convincing his undocumented immigrant parents to come out of the shadows.

Polyamorous People #4: “When I Show Up at These All-White Events and I Feel Uncomfortable, I’m Not Quiet.”

A happy husband and boyfriend on how ditching monogamy made his marriage succeed — and why people of color often feel unwelcome...

Polyamorous People #3: “I Experimented with Monogamy. It Was Torture.”

A mother of two on building a rock-solid relationship with her devoted husband...while dating fifty or so other people.

Polyamorous People #2: “Once You Start Questioning Gender, Other Things Fall Down Like a House of Cards”

A transgender New Yorker on life in an all-queer, all-poly Brooklyn group house, and on the alarm spreading through their...

Protest People #4: Trendy Feminist Marches Don’t Do Much For Me

A four-foot-nine-inch Mexican-American woman on standing tall for her people, and taking it to the streets for all oppressed people.

Protest People #3: Why I Didn’t Call the Police When Trump Supporters Punched My Friends in the Face

A fearless queer activist on a violent assault in the heart of Manhattan, and why the coming battle will require a crash course in self-defense.

Protest People #2: When I Saw What Was Happening, I Couldn’t Just Do Nothing

How a white man from Alaska picked up a camera and became a pivotal force in New York's movement to save Black Lives.

Protest People #1: Some Folks Want to Reform the NYPD. I Want to Shut It Down.

A Black Lives Matter leader on what he’s learned from two years of dogged demonstrations—including one very aggressive arrest—and on what happens next.

Hostel People #11: I Could Feel Myself Getting Older. Something Had to Be Done.

An English engineer with a midlife crisis drives 6,500 miles through the American heartland—and sticks it out as the only old guy at the hostel.

Hostel People #10: The World’s Second-Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Card Player Is Hungry for Revenge

A would-be Kingslayer on finding a safe space in a crowded city for one extremely competitive and quirky new pastime.

Hostel People #9: Growing Up We Had Nothing and War Was Everywhere. Now I Travel the World and Have It All.

A small-town Serbian boy on dreaming big and living large…and eavesdropping on loud-talking New Yorkers.

Hostel People #8: The Skyscrapers Tried to Expel Me

An architecture student from Shanghai on why the buildings of New York have thoughts and feelings—and how that can be truly terrifying.

Hostel People #7: How This Botox Belle Became a Yogi Goddess of Liberation

A blissed-out divorcee on the joys of “Conscious Uncoupling,” learning to be selfish, and mother-daughter bonding on the NYC subway.

Hostel People #6: How the Vietnam War Prepared Me for the Appalachian Trail

A determined thru hiker on dodging bears and battling Lyme disease—and trekking across NYC.