Jessica Bal

Jessica Bal, a contributing photographer with Narratively, hails from a two-stoplight town in Massachusetts and now resides in a city with too many lights to count, where she produces media for an arts education organization and looks for any excuse to write, photograph and film stories that she’s curious about.

Stories By Jessica Bal

Life and Death on the Avocado Trail

A fearless Mexican-American cook routinely travels 2,000 miles, driving through a drug war and slipping out of kidnappers’ fingers, all in the name of a decent mole poblano for...

One Woman’s Impossible Mission to Save New York’s Garment District

Samantha Cortes had a dream: to revive clothing manufacturing in Midtown Manhattan. Rapidly gentrifying NYC had other plans.

Gay and Gutsy on the Rugby Field

Years before gay players broke down barriers in the NBA and NFL, a squadron of New Yorkers demanded acceptance in the most rough-and-tumble sport of all.

Keeping New York Weird

Meet two comedic punks who’ve drank out of douches, eaten raw meat from a piñata and even repeatedly sat through the movie “Showgirls”—all in the name of comedy. Is there...

Dear Dusty Old Bookstore

Manhattan was once a wonderland for lovers of literature.  What happened?

Living with the Dead

Bootleggers Ball

Jamming with the superfans who dedicate their lives to recording live shows and sharing their spoils with anyone who'll listen.