Jill Rothenberg

Jill Rothenberg is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared on CNN Money, Al Jazeera America, the public radio project Life of the Law, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Urban Moto magazine.

Stories By Jill Rothenberg

He Runs Rocky-Mountain Marathons With a Donkey. It Was the Perfect Preparation for Being a Dad.

Becoming the world’s best burro-racer takes patience, humility and endurance—skills that came in useful in the amazing race that is fatherhood.

Falling for a Hells Angel

When a mild-mannered book editor with a sheltered background breaks into a world of outlaw bikers, the excitement is alluring, but the violence is never far behind.

Grit and Glory at 14,000 Feet

High in the Colorado Rockies, where a summer day can turn instantly into treacherous winter, thrill-seeking athletes push themselves to the limit and beyond.