Stories By John Surico

Secrets of the World’s Super-Explorers

For 111 years, a Manhattan mansion has been the gathering ground for adventurers who risk everything to reach the ends of the earth, depths of the oceans, and heights of the heavens.

Illustration by Jess Smart Smiley


The time poetry showed me my grandmother.

The Empire Lights Back

Using the world’s most iconic skyscraper as his canvas, a high-tech LED artist turns New York City’s nightscape into an eye-popping rave.

Rappers Take Back the Streets

One fervent hip-hop fan wants New York City’s street signs to shout out the genre-busting music that was born here. Not everyone thinks that’s such a good idea.

Waiting for de Blasio

New York’s incoming mayor has vowed to tackle the city’s record-high homelessness. But outside a crowded Brooklyn shelter, the guys on the corner aren’t holding their breath.