Kyria Abrahams

Kyria Abrahams is a writer and photographer. She is the author of "I'm Perfect, You're Doomed – Tales from a Jehovah's Witness Upbringing." (Touchstone, 2009)

Stories By Kyria Abrahams

The Top 10 Most Popular Narratively Stories of 2017

From kitten play to cocaine kings, saffron saviors to the ultimate anti-Trump protester, enjoy our biggest stories from this wild and crazy year.

The Lookout’s Last Stand

An unarmed teenager caught up in one of New York’s most infamous murders gets twenty-five to life. An ardent activist vows to set him free.

Savant of the Subways

A quirky MTA analyst—and walking New York City transit encyclopedia—explains why his beloved trains and busses run much better than you think.

The Simple Science of Mary Roach

How a little girl who chased fireflies and blew up frogs grew up to become one of the world’s most successful science writers.

Have You Heard the One About the Sober Stand-Up?

In a profession where getting drunk and out of control is the accepted nightly routine, five comics share their stories of struggling to stay off the sauce.

Twilight of the Guardian Angels

Born in the crucible of seedy 1970s New York, does Curtis Silwa’s red-bereted band of citizen crime busters have a place in post-Giuliani, post-Bloomberg NYC?

The Phallus Palace