Stories By Noah Rosenberg

A Girl and Her (Extremely Patient and Unnaturally Photogenic) Best Friend

Desperately Seeking Rooftop View

Ryan Kailath lives far from his beloved mountains of Northern California. Yet, he still finds a way to be on top of the world.

A Dusty Journal and a Ticket to History

Twenty-eight years, a $440 million stadium and cheering crowds might beautify a country, but it can't rewrite history completely.


What keeps me going? Well, the story, of course.

Kickstarting a Cure

Twenty-five million Americans struggle with rare, debilitating diseases. One pioneering doctor is crowdfunding their hope.

Where cats roll dice and drink milk from paper bags

For a second I feared my cat would end up in the wrong end of an alley between crap games and can concealers, but then something happened.

Reinventing the Oldest Profession

Through business consultancies, political rallies and poetry readings, sex workers of all stripes have stepped out of the shadows.