Pearl Gabel

Pearl Gabel is a staff photographer and multimedia journalist at New York Daily News.

Stories By Pearl Gabel

Healing Hasidic Masturbators and Adulterers — With Psychiatric Drugs

They admitted to religious taboos ranging from same-sex attraction to extramarital affairs. The treatment they received was alarmingly severe.

The Voice from the Mosque

Over six years, I was drawn to a beautiful song in the streets of Brooklyn. What I finally found changed something deep inside me.

The Co-op City Country Club

Brian Scott has been stabbed eleven times, shot once, sold crack, robbed people and lived on the street. These days he just wants to fish.

The Contender

A boxing prodigy from Burkina Faso climbs his way to the top while dishwashing and couch surfing in the Bronx.

Me, Myself, Sarai

The morning after a woman's body was found stuffed inside a cavity along an ancient wall in Istanbul, my photo editor told me to get on the next flight to Turkey.

Heretic Hasidim

Torn between devotion to their faith and families and a desire to explore the outside world, rebellious young ultra-Orthodox Jewish men are resigned to live secret double lives.

The Last Peep Shows

Times Square may be a G-rated tourist temple, but an avenue away, the "live girls" aren't going anywhere.

At Home with the Italian Stallion