Stories of suffering and surviving, and from some of us left to simply cope.

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How Dad Lost His Voice — And Finally Learned to Listen

We never realized how much dad’s booming bravado controlled our family dynamic, until it was gone.

I’m Not The Perfect Cancer Survivor. But I’ve Learned to Live With That.

Things My Dying Sister Taught Me: Live Freely. Love Openly. And Never Wear Beige.

For years, I kept everything from my love life to my wardrobe safe, normal and straight. My sister’s bravery in the face of stage-four cancer convinced me to embrace color—and...

Putting My Camera Down, and Finally Mourning My Parents

My Father’s Secret Life in the Hospital of Death

Growing up in Chicago, my dad barely spoke of the horrors he witnessed during Argentina’s “Dirty War.” Then one day a doom-filled document landed on our doorstep and I...

A Cancer-Surviving Composer’s Extraordinary Movement

A sudden and rare brain tumor leads to an accomplished musician’s brush with death and a gap between his brain and his body – but Anthony Ptak will make music any way he can.

Melissa Carroll’s Technicolor Dream

A life-changing diagnosis and three years of suffering yield an unexpected fountain of inspiration for one young Brooklyn artist.