The classic hero-vs.-villain trope, unravelled in bizarre ways.

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This Graffiti Fanboy Steals Priceless Street Art Under the Cloak of Darkness

On the prowl with the Thomas Crown of the New York City streets.

This Indian Cop Took Down a Massive IRS Call-Center Scam

Millions of Americans have fallen for a ruse claiming they owe back taxes and must pay immediately. On the other side of the globe, one dogged inspector finally delivered justice.

This Cop Made It His Mission to Fight Islamophobia. Then His Family Was Targeted.

Officer Humayun Kabir builds bridges between Bangladeshi-Americans and the NYPD. When his aunt was murdered in cold blood, the struggle hit home.

I Was a Cop for 31 Years. This Is the One Night That Still Haunts Me.

...It was the first and last time I cried on the job.

A Chicago Cop Killed My Son. Five Years Later, I’m Still Seeking Answers.

An officer emptied sixteen rounds into my unarmed son. The man who shot him still hasn’t been charged, but I know he’ll get justice on the other side.

How to Befriend a Mugger

A nerve-wracking standoff between two drunk college kids and a goon with a gun leads to an unexpected meeting of the minds.

Campus Security vs. The Million-Dollar Map Thief

E. Forbes Smiley stole nearly a hundred rare maps worth millions of dollars—but met his match in the darkened halls of an Ivy League library.

Fighting Terror and Chasing Goats in Boko Haram Country

When Eagles Attack

On a remote island off the coast of Alaska, a confused young intern, an overzealous officer, and one very angry eagle make for the strangest summer ever.