You are stronger than you seem right now. Stories from those who made it out and found ways to continue living.

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The Fire That Forced Me to Finally Say Goodbye

When my house burned down with Mom’s ashes inside, I lost her all over again.

What Life Is Like in a Village with No Children

After a drought devastated La Cienga, Ecuador, every working family packed up and left. Just twelve somber senior citizens linger with the ghosts of their former lives.

The Millennials of Afghanistan Have Never Known a World Without War. So Why Are These Kids So Hopeful?

Our 2016 Was a Year From Hell. Here’s Why I’m Grateful It Was So Hard.

First we got divorced. Then our dog died. Then there was the terrifying close call when our eight-year-old got hit by a car. Through it all, I learned to focus on love and luck.

Stalin Exiled These Two Sisters To Kazakhstan. A Lifetime Later, They’re Finally Breaking Their Silence.

The Milkman Cometh

One year after a major earthquake devastated Nepal and destroyed his family’s home, a determined survivor refuses to neglect his delivery route.

The Grandchildren of Genocide

A teen orphaned by the Rwandan genocide makes the heartbreaking choice to abandon her own children. Years later, an unshakable brotherly bond keeps her bruised but determined...

My Curious and Chaotic Life With America’s Wounded Warriors

With more than a million Americans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, a physical therapist reflects on a decade of deferred dreams and rousing recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical...

Raising a Family Behind Bars