Torture for some but true love for others. Tales from those who love the challenge of running.

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These Crazy-Determined Runners Have Each Finished Fifty Marathons in Fifty States

They range in age from 16 to 81, but share a quirky, obsessive desire to run 26.2 miles in every corner of America.

I’m a World Champion in Backwards Running

Yes, it’s really a sport, and it really changed my life.

He Runs Rocky-Mountain Marathons With a Donkey. It Was the Perfect Preparation for Being a Dad.

Becoming the world’s best burro-racer takes patience, humility and endurance—skills that came in useful in the amazing race that is fatherhood.

Bricklayer Bill’s Ultra-Marathon of a Life

Clinging to the undercarriage of a speeding train. Getting punched in the face for two bucks. Leaving a hospital bed to run a marathon. All just another day at the office for the...

The World’s Unlikeliest Record-Breaker

Three years ago he was a cigar-smoking alcoholic with out-of-control diabetes who had never jogged a mile in his life. This fall, Doug Masiuk ran across the United States.

Grit and Glory at 14,000 Feet

High in the Colorado Rockies, where a summer day can turn instantly into treacherous winter, thrill-seeking athletes push themselves to the limit and beyond.

Tales from Two Feet

From the thrill of a runner’s high to the chafing on a runner’s thigh, eight fast-paced writers revel in the silly, scary and sublime moments that come from life on the run.

Running on a Broken Heart

A middle-age couple’s plan to compete in an ultra-long-distance race becomes even more extreme when doctors discover one of them has an alarming medical condition.

The Accidental Marathoner and The Saga of the Borrowed Sneakers

The true story of one enthusiastic NYC newcomer who got so caught up watching the city’s marathon that he spontaneously joined in and hustled all the way to the finish.