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China’s Lost and Found Hero

A soldier's battlefield bravery in China's darkest hour was lost to history when he defied the Communist party line. Eight decades later, the government resurrected this...

New Orleans’ Original Gangsta Rappers Want One More Verse

Before there was Juvenile, Lil Wayne or Master P, two in-your-face rappers pioneered the defining sound of NOLA hip-hop. Now all they want is a little respect.

The Man Who Built New York City’s Schools

How a dogged reformer turned around a crumbling, decrepit public school system, creating cathedrals of education that revolutionized life for millions.

The Original San Francisco Eccentric

A nineteenth century gold rusher built a fortune, lost it all, then declared himself Emperor of the United States — and got all of San Francisco to play along.

The Forgotten Photographer of America’s Great Plains

How a failed homesteader who died a ruined man finally found fame as the singular documentarian of America’s pioneer period.