China’s Lost and Found Hero

A soldier's battlefield bravery in China's darkest hour was lost to history when he defied the Communist party line. Eight decades later, the government resurrected this ninety-two-year-old's story, while whitewashing his true beliefs.

New Orleans’ Original Gangsta Rappers Want One More Verse

Before there was Juvenile, Lil Wayne or Master P, two in-your-face rappers pioneered the defining sound of NOLA hip-hop. Now all they want is a little respect.

The Man Who Built New York City’s Schools

How a dogged reformer turned around a crumbling, decrepit public school system, creating cathedrals of education that revolutionized life for millions.

The Original San Francisco Eccentric

A nineteenth century gold rusher built a fortune, lost it all, then declared himself Emperor of the United States — and got all of San Francisco to play along.

The Forgotten Photographer of America’s Great Plains

How a failed homesteader who died a ruined man finally found fame as the singular documentarian of America’s pioneer period.