H20 gives us life, but can also take it away in an instant.

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When Her Father’s Yacht Vanished, She Searched the Sea Until She Finally Found Peace

After Argonaut went down in calm waters, Chelsea Rice-Morris was convinced of foul play. She didn't stop until she had her answer.

This Flood-Savaged Hamlet Proves Climate Change Isn’t Just a Coastal Concern

Nine inches of rain nearly wiped Richwood, West Virginia, off the map. As waters rise around the globe, this tiny town offers a terrifying vision of our future—if we don’t act.

The Thrill-Seeking Bodysurfers of California’s Most Terrifying Wave

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Can San Francisco Stop Public Urination with Paint That Pees Back?

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The River Will Have the Last Word

Through deluge and drought, the legendary “Hawk Man of Iowa” has spent decades along a remote stretch of the Mississippi known as the Driftless Area. But can the river help...

The Fresh-Water Beast Beneath New York’s Streets

You’ve probably never heard of it, but the largest construction project in New York City history has claimed dozens of lives while chewing its way through bedrock for the past...

22,000 Days Without Drinking Water

Bolivia’s populist president has vowed to lift the fortunes of the rural poor. But high on the Andean plateau, one remote community still has no access to clean water—and one...

Living By Water, Dying By Water, And Rising Again

Water from Above

Taking a look up at New York's most omnipresent, and most ignored, infrastructure.