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How Cleaning Out My Hoarder Mother-in-Law’s Junk Caused My Own Marriage to Crumble

As we plowed through decades of her extreme clutter, I began to notice similar tendencies in my husband. And once I saw the hoarder in him, there was no turning back.

My Foster Child Was Finally Reunited with Her Mother. Is It Horrible That I Want Her Back?

When I took in a twelve-year-old with PTSD, I knew it would be difficult. What I didn’t realize was how hard it would be to let her go.

Thirty Years Ago I Watched My Friend’s Father Drown. I Think About It Every Time My Children Go Near Water.

How can I let my kids enjoy the waterpark, pool or beach, when just a few seconds of fun floods my brain with PTSD?

I Made My 16-Year-Old Watch the Video of His Birth

I Was Adopted—When I Was 41

At thirteen, a neglectful foster system tore me from the only woman I ever wanted to call “Mom.” Decades later I tracked her down and finally got my happy ending.

The First Time I Said ‘No’ to My Drug-Addicted Mom

For years, my mother woke me up to take my money on a regular basis. One day when I was twelve, I finally stood my ground.

The Secrets in My Mother’s Nightstand

The Day I Realized I Could Never Make My Mom Grow Up

My stepdad always kept my mother’s mental illness and alcoholism under control. But after he suffered a massive stroke, everything went haywire.

Who Wants to Be a Mama’s Boy?

My overbearing Jewish mother and I have always bonded over our love of game shows—and battled over her love of controlling my life. When I got the chance to become a...