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When Someone Destroyed Our Pride Flags, Our Tiny Town Sprang into Action

We don’t know who’s been vandalizing the rainbow flags in our small Wisconsin community, but we learned a thing or two about kindness from the response.

Secret Life of a Lonely Gay Christian in Yemen

As Al-Qaeda and ISIS encroach on his once-progressive city, one terrified young man has become the ultimate “infidel.”

Why Gay Sex in a Park is Still Popular in 2016

I Was Taught to Hate My Lesbian Neighbors. They Took Me In Anyway.

The summer my parents’ marriage was falling apart, my best friend’s two moms saved me—even though my dad said they were going to Hell.

Before Marriage Was an Option, These Gay Couples Adopted Each Other

When marriage equality seemed a distant dream, some found a creative way to realize the legal benefits of family.

I’m Gay. That Means I Have AIDS, Right?

Things My Dying Sister Taught Me: Live Freely. Love Openly. And Never Wear Beige.

For years, I kept everything from my love life to my wardrobe safe, normal and straight. My sister’s bravery in the face of stage-four cancer convinced me to embrace color—and...

Why I’ll Never Date a Man Whose Skin Looks Like Mine

Growing up gay in India, I was bullied mercilessly by my peers, and fantasized about the out-and-proud white men I saw in movies. They’re still the only type I can love.

Single, Gay and Ready for Fatherhood

Unwed men are statistically less likely to adopt than almost anyone else, but a rapidly rising number of them are taking the parental leap—no spouse necessary.