Outlandish athletics, and the people who couldn't live without them.

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Clasping heavy-duty handles closed may not seem like a serious endeavor, but for this strange sport’s athletes, it’s the ultimate testosterone test.

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Get up close and personal with the athletes of the reemerging ancient pastime of mallakamb, in Narratively’s first 360 film.

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The Unstoppable Iron Men of Chennai

Secrets of the Brooklyn Basement Domino League

For hundreds of Caribbean-American New Yorkers, a subterranean domino league offers a relaxed reminder of home. But when things get serious, they get really serious.

A Strange Sport’s Saddest Season

Circle rules football was just a lighthearted game with a bizarre set of rules and a yearning for mainstream acceptance. Then it got deadly serious.

Launch Party

What happens when you teach hundreds of high schoolers how to build catapults, inject an unruly dose of adrenaline, and sit back and watch? On one Ohio campus, it’s called...