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Secret Life of a Full-Time Cyborg

Steve Mann invented a precursor to Google Glass in the 1990s—which he now uses almost 24/7. But “the father of wearable computing” has an ominous warning about where...

Secret Life of the Tower of London’s Chief Guard

On the eve of his retirement, the foremost symbol of jolly old England recalls decades spent sleeping in a former prison cell while watching over Her Majesty’s ancient fortress.

Secret Life of a Lonely Gay Christian in Yemen

As Al-Qaeda and ISIS encroach on his once-progressive city, one terrified young man has become the ultimate “infidel.”

Secret Life of a Devout Christian Dominatrix

On Saturday night I don latex and beat men with paddles. On Sunday morning I go to Church. Are these two forms of devotion really so different?

My Secret Life on the Front Lines of America’s Conservation Movement

From tracking wolf-poachers and dodging bears to dissecting deer doodoo, the work of a traveling wildlife biologist isn’t pretty, but it sure is thrilling.

Secret Life of a Seven-Year-Old Instagram Star

Haileigh Vasquez has 129,000 followers and a runway show at New York Fashion Week—that is, if her second-grade teacher lets her out of class on time.

Secret Life of a Medieval Fight Club Warrior

Meet a Wall Street consultant who dons a suit of armor for the most badass battles this side of Westeros.

Secret Life of a Sexy Waiter at the All-Male Answer to Hooters

How to make a living serving “specialty cock-tails” and alluring “abb-itizers” while shirtless in Texas.

Secret Life of an Old-School New York Bookie

Bouncing between darkened drinking dens, one enterprising woman struggles to keep an old-time sports gambling ring alive in the age of DraftKings and FanDuel.