Call it fate, call it coincidence; sometimes the way things work out is almost too perfect to believe.

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The Curious Case of the Prison Publishers

A fateful shooting boosts the career of a cub reporter and lands a young radical behind bars. A chance meeting four decades later launches the unlikeliest of publishing...

The Ex Next Door

I thought I’d left my college sweetheart behind me, but it wasn’t until he moved in right next-door that my healing truly began.

Did I Drop a Bomb on My Buddy?

An American bomber pilot and German foot soldier become friends years after the fall of Hitler—without realizing how dangerously close their paths had converged.

Tales from Serendipity

From running into your therapist on a European vacation to an accidental email that leads to your future spouse, four chance encounters with a funny thing called fate.

A Confederacy of Chance Encounters

After college in Kansas I traveled through Europe and ran into just the kind of guy I’d hoped to avoid. Six months, six thousand miles and one passed-around paperback later,...