Home runs, double plays and even a few game-changing errors; nothing ignites American passions like baseball.

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This All-Amputee Softball Team is Changing the Way We Think About Treating Trauma

As the number of veterans with both physical and psychological injuries balloons, this squad of 11 wounded warriors wards off PTSD by playing a little ball.

There’s No Crying in Professional Wiffle Ball

With strict rules, stiff competition and cash on the line, this is nothing like the breezy backyard ballgame you remember.

(Photo: Jay-Dell Mah Collection, courtesy of Marvin Ligon)

The Secret History of Black Baseball Players in Canada’s Great White North

When Jackie Robinson broke the Major League color barrier seventy years ago, it was a triumphant step forward. It also meant the inevitable end of the proud Negro Leagues, sending...

The Cocaine Kings of the Pittsburgh Pirates

In the early ’80s, an A/C repairman, an unemployed photographer and a Major League mascot became the dealers of choice for the city’s sports stars – and changed baseball...

The Embattled Bad Boy of Major League Baseball

Thirty years ago today Kevin Mitchell played a crucial role in the '86 Mets' miraculous World Series championship. Ever since, he’s been called a clubhouse cancer and a violent...

Meet the World’s Greatest Batting Stance Imitator

Gar Ryness has spent his whole life perfecting spot-on impressions of the way baseball players stand. But can he turn “the least marketable skill in America” into an actual...

The Very Respectable Adventures of Gentleman Matty and Dime-Novel Frank

At the turn of the twentieth century, two impossibly perfect heroes captured America’s hearts and minds. Did hall-of-fame pitcher Christy Mathewson inspire pulp fiction...

The Fifth Grade Phenom

The Bronx-based Valdez family hustles to keep up with their son’s mad dash from Little League legend to Major League dreamer.

Raisin’ an Amazin’

From the moment his daughter was conceived, one diehard Mets fan coaxed her into following his blue-and-orange footsteps. It’s been a painful and complicated few years.