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Meet the 16-Year-Old Leader Of OCCUPY Rio’s Fiercest Standoff

All eyes (and billions of dollars) are focused on the Summer Olympics here, but Brazil’s teenagers just want decent schools. Violent clashes and death threats couldn’t deter...

Birdette’s Black and White World

A strict moral code and ultra-ambitious work ethic made her one of the top teachers in America. But her most important lesson was the one she taught herself.

The Day Our Daughter Got Hit

When our four-year-old was suddenly marked with mysterious bruises, my wife and I were living our worst nightmare. It only grew darker when we became the prime suspects.

Tales from Startled Students

A teacher’s pet, a blackboard buffoon and a tormented gay teen share their darkest moments from the other side of the classroom.

Tales from Tenacious Teachers

The STD ate my homework, and other classic chronicles from the classroom.

The Sordid Saga of a Student and a Statue

Two teachers lost in love. One horny high schooler. And a priceless collection of ancient art. What could possibly go wrong?