I’ve Spent Thirty Years Trying to Solve One Horrific Murder Case

In rural North Carolina, a Native American activist who investigated police involvement in the cocaine trade turned up dead. Will anyone help me find out why?

They Called Her Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

The mysterious case of the first female U.S. District Attorney, and the morbid murder investigation that put her on the map.

A Guy Walks Into a Bar…and Is Never Seen Again

On spring break in 2006, an Ohio State med student vanished into thin air. A decade later, his friends and family are still aching for answers.

How to Catch a Cat Killer

A serial pet-murderer is terrorizing London’s suburbs, brutally slaughtering hordes of defenseless kitties. A pair of amateur private detectives is determined to crack the case.

The Greatest Bourbon Ever Stolen

When $50,000 worth of Kentucky’s most coveted bourbon suddenly goes missing, a few determined detectives spend years trying to crack the case of the AWOL alcohol.

The Misplaced Wallet and The Year of Delightful Deception

A college student is befuddled and amazed when his lost-and-then-found wallet leads to a theatrical treasure hunt complete with hollowed-out library books, a disappearing magician and an unforgettable year of campy one-upmanship.

Grief Has No Deadline

She spent two decades as a local reporter covering L.A.’s grisliest crimes. But when one bullet strikes too close to home, she learns what hard news feels like from the other side.

The Sultan of Spatter

Dr. Donald Johnson has spent his career making crime scene blood stains spill their secrets. His next mission: bringing forensic science into the iPad age.

Who Killed Heather Broadus?

It’s been three and a half years since Nancy Smith’s daughter turned up dead on the streets of Long Beach. She’s canvassed the neighborhood and learned disturbing details of her daughter’s secret life. But she still has no answers.