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Meet the Forgotten Footsoldiers of Fidel’s Global Revolution

They Risked Everything to Fight for Freedom in South Africa. Why Are They Still Living in Poverty?

They fled their homes as teenagers to join the righteous resistance. Decades later, South Africa’s anti-apartheid warriors are still wondering why their beloved country has...

50 Years Ago Our Best Friend Was Sent to Vietnam. The Luck of the Draw Still Haunts Us.

The three of us grew up on the same street in The Bronx. Then I found a way out of the war, Frank narrowly escaped, and Stevie was lost to history.

Did I Kill Anyone in Iraq? The Truth Is, I’ll Never Know.

In the murky world of modern warfare, I'm far from the only one who wonders if any of my bullets ever took out a civilian.

Meet the Elite Air Force Bomb Squad That Defuses…Cannonballs from the Civil War

It isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan, but that doesn’t make the job anything less than terrifying.

Writing the War

Distraught by his peers’ disengagement from a war still being waged, a shaken Afghanistan veteran helps fellow fighters put their war wounds into words.

Tagging the Battlefield

In the war camps of Kandahar, antsy young soldiers turn security barriers into street art. The command culture calls it vandalism, but one senior Army vet sees poetry.

His Living Room’s a Jungle

When an inquisitive son pushes his reticent father to open up about the horrors of ’Nam, he unleashes a Pandora’s box of post-traumatic stress.

Bob and Evelyn’s Seven-Decade Dance

In swinging 1940s Hawaii, an eager young sailor courts a trailblazing woman who dreams of joining the Navy herself. The attack on Pearl Harbor upends their lives and solidifies a...