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For press requests or other general inquires, please contact us at If you're interested in contributing to Narratively please read the section below.

Contributing to Narratively

Narratively is devoted to original and untold human stories. We are always interested in adding new voices to the mix and we accept both pitches for story ideas and completed submissions.

We regularly publish written stories, short documentary films, audio pieces, photo essays, comics journalism and other types of multimedia. We publish stories from all over the world and are interested in all relevant pitches, regardless of location.

The best pitches include a brief description of your own storytelling experience plus a few examples of your work, along with a few paragraphs outlining your story, including the narrative arc and description of who your main subjects are. In keeping with our commitment to “untold” stories, before pitching an idea please do some background research into how widely your topic has been covered by other publications and let us know what will be new or unique about your approach.

Upcoming Themes:

We are currently seeking pitches for these specific themes:

1. Sounds of Silence: In today's hyperconnected world, we almost never get a moment away from all the noise. We're looking for stories about cultures, cities, towns or people who have found a surprising way to make everything quiet in the modern world. Pitches Due: Friday, August 21

2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles: From the sole survivor of a harrowing plane crash to a tale of corruption at a tiny town's department of transportation, we want your most exciting stories from the air, the rails, and the road. Pitches Due: Friday, August 21

3. Niches in Niches: Whether it's a transgender sewing circle or the anarchists of animal husbandry, tell us about communities that are so specific they redefine the word "subculture." Pitches Due: Friday, August 28

4. Urban Legends: Stories that dive into the popular legends, myths and folklore of a particular place, pulling the veil back on these true (or not-so-true) icons of local lore. Pitches Due: Friday, September 4

5. Falls from Grace: The president who became a potato farmer; the high-flying hotshot who was sent back to earth, and other tales of success gone very, very wrong. Pitches Due: Friday, September 4

6. Ordinary Obituaries Some of the best narrative journalism out there shows up in the obit section of major newspapers. But why should only the rich and famous have their full life stories told? This ongoing series (example here) is all stories of recently deceased ordinary people who perhaps had a two-line obit in a local paper, but whose lives deserve a full-length treatment. We're not looking for personal pieces about family or friends here, but deeply reported biography-style stories. Pitches Due: Ongoing.

Please send all pitches or submissions to and we'll review them there. If you are pitching for one of these specific themes, include that in the subject line. Also, if you have a story that seems right for Narratively, please feel free to send it our way regardless of theme – if it seems right, we’ll try to find a place for it.

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