Travis Sigley is a professional cuddler. Yes, that means he cuddles, for money. In this audio story, Sigley explains how he came to found Cuddle Therapy, and two intrepid reporters come to learn the value of non-sexual, expectation-less cuddling.

Since we last talked, Sigley has shifted his time to focus more on group cuddle workshops, but his philosophy remains the same: he still believes every person you come across in life is someone to love and learn from, and that there’s no better way to accomplish this than cuddling with a stranger.

*   *   *

Justine Lee is a freelance writer based in the Bay Area. She’s interested in telling the stories behind innovation and great ideas — from breakfast burritos to deep sea exploration, she wants to know about it.

Mary Smith studied recording engineering as an undergrad, and is now pursuing a doctorate degree in neuroscience, studying visual perception and attention. Her favorite things in life are science, music, and travel (she has explored 32 different countries).

Eugene Huang is an independent media producer based in San Francisco. He has created films, animations and illustrations for organizations including tech startups, Fortune 500 firms and non-profits.