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From Asimov to Zelazny, Jim Freund has interviewed practically every famous sci-fi and fantasy writer on his radio talk show, Hour of the Wolf. Their recorded voices are scattered around his house beside autographed novels and first edition copies of The Lord of the Rings. However, as time goes by the reels are degrading, taking with them the early voices of those behind the dragons above Earthsea, the giant worms in Dune, and the royal houses playing the Game of Thrones. As Freund struggles to recover decades of material while still interviewing today’s genre writers, he let Narratively into his Bay Ridge home to take a look at his collection while there is still hope it can be recovered.

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Cesar R. Bustamante. Jr. is a freelance multimedia journalist who specializes in visual storytelling and data-viz. He is a columnist for and also kind of a geek. @crbustamante

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