Since 9/11, Americans have become starkly aware of the myriad dangerous threats to our everyday way of life, yet few of us have spent much time planning out what we would actually do in the event of a catastrophe. Fashion executive Marlon Smith is not like many of us. Smith’s NYC apartment is stocked with everything needed to survive following a nuclear attack, dirty bomb, or any other apocalypse that comes our way.

Sonali Prasad

Sonali Prasad is a hybrid mix of technology, science and storytelling. She loves to break down complex environmental stories via narrative storytelling and is also one of the Google News Fellows for 2016. Sonali recently graduated from Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism.

Qinling Li

Qinling Li is a multimedia journalist, specializing in data journalism and documentary production. She loves playing with graphics and is a recent graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism.