Photo courtesy Ophira Eisenberg
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Ophira Eisenberg on ex-boyfriends who refuse to get frisky, rental-car extortion, high-speed getaways, and Canadians named Gord.

Selected as one of New York Magazine’s Top 10 Comics and featured in the New York Times, Ophira Eisenberg is the host of NPR’s new trivia and puzzle show, Ask Me Another, and a regular host and storyteller with The Moth. She has also appeared on Comedy Central, VH-1, and upcoming on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Her debut memoir, “Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy” will be available this spring.

Marisa Wong, who shot and edited this video, is a multimedia storyteller based in Brooklyn.

Elizabeth Ladzinski, who shot this video, is a visual journalist and Southern transplant inspired by the social impact of documentary film and photography.

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