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As a budding actor in China, Peter Song dreamed of making it big in Hollywood. But after moving to New York his life took a different turn. He is now a noodle maker in a Flushing, Queens basement food court, where he puts his artistic talent and dramatic flair to use in a very different way. Now, with a kung-fu-loving friend at his side, Peter heads back to his homeland with dreams of filming the definitive martial-arts-meets-ramen-master comedy.

*   *   *

Xiaoran Liu and Yihuan Wu are two Chinese multimedia journalists and documentary filmmakers based in Beijing. This film is an abridged excerpt from “The Noodle Guy,” their upcoming documentary short about how a happy-go-lucky Chinese comedian is trying to establish himself in New York through noodle making. The film will be completed in August 2013 and holding screenings in New York City.

Email Xiaoran Liu at, and email Yihuan Wu at For upcoming screening information, follow the documentary "The Noodle Guy" on Facebook at

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