Photo by Mika Johnson
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Narratively is excited to announce the start of an ongoing collaboration with ART+PRACTICE, the production team of Micha Hilliard, Mika Johnson and Jeffrey Pence behind the documentary series The Amerikans. This relationship will include exclusive world premieres on Narratively.

To start things off, "Love & Venom" tells the story of Don Downs, an Ohio electrician by day who works as an apitherapist at night, using bee products like honey, pollen and even venom from live bees for medicinal healing.

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ART+PRACTICE makes documentaries and feature film projects that are intertwined with each other, nurture local relationships, and aspire to global resonance. Founders Micha Hilliard, Mika Johnson and Jeffrey Pence work from a base in northern Ohio.

More stinging storytelling on Narratively:

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