Mr. Iraq Takes the Mic

By Claire Jeantet & Fabrice Catérini | March 26, 2014

Twenty-eight-year old Tommy Hanna was born in San Diego, where his parents settled in the 1970s after fleeing Iraq. Hanna has drawn from his dual cultures to launch a rap career under the name “Timz,” often creating rhymes about the Iraqi-American experience—and attracting more than 800,000 YouTube views. His producer, Alvin Shamoun, a.k.a. Entre-P or Biggie Babylon, is a childhood friend who has directed several rap videos that dissect the clichés about their community.

*   *   *

Claire Jeantet and Fabrice Catérini are French photojournalists and filmmakers. They co-founded Inediz, a production company dedicated to multimedia documentaries and in-depth storytelling, and co-directed the interactive documentary My Beloved Enemy, a project exploring the intimate consequences of the Iraq war trough the life of Iraqi refugees settled across the U.S. You can follow them on Twitter @Inediz and Facebook.

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