Narratively Illustrated: Our All-Time Best Illustrations

Fifteen favorite works of art from our stories, hand-picked by our Illustrations Editor.

I was first introduced to Narratively in 2014 by way of its great illustrations, and I immediately wanted to get involved. Now, after almost two years at Narratively I present, with great pride and pleasure, this list of my all-time favorite illustrations that we’ve featured (displayed in no particular order).

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-Vinnie Neuberg, Illustrations Editor

1. The Man Who Vowed To Make New Amsterdam Great Again

Illustration by Jared Boggess 

Read the full story by Arvind Dilawar

2. My Brother Burned Our House Down—And Now I Understand Why

Illustration by Alison Rutsch

Read the full story by Rodney Williams


3. That Time I Dated — And Dumped — A Nice Guy Just To See What It Was Like

Illustration by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Read the full story by Lilly O’Donnell


4. The Day I Told My Father To Shoot Himself

Illustration by Jenn Liv

Read the full story by Jennifer Fliss


5. That Time I Tried To Murder My Dog

Illustration by Lynn Scurfield

Read the full story by Leia Menlove


6. That Time I Tried To Be A Stripper…But Pepper-Sprayed Myself In The Face

Illustration by Tom Eichacker

Read the full story by Naomi Ulsted


7. The Former Slave Who Became An Executioner

Illustration by Sishir Bommakanti

Read the full story by Crystal Ponti


8. The Clandestine Adventures Of Alice In Saudi Land

Illustration by Marianna Madriz

Read the full story by Jasmine Bager


9. The Women In My Family Had To Be Good With Money

Illustration by Cornelia Li

Read the full story by Dena Landon


10. My Father’s Dying Days Showed Me There’s No Such Thing As ‘Death With Dignity’

Illustration by Paige Mehrer

Read the full story by Judi Hannon


11. My Family’s House Burned Down…Twice. Then The Bank Took It Away.

Illustration by Casey Roonan

Read the full story by Ariel Henley


12. Our Puppy’s Guide To Digesting An Entire Wedding Album

Illustration by Haejin Park

Read the full story by Chloë Schweinshaut


13. The Sedan Also Rises

Illustration by Sergiy Maidukov

Read the full story by David Frey


14. The Secret Life Of An Obsessive AirBNB Host

Illustration by Hawk Krall

Read the full story by George Tzortzis


15. How 26 Elvises Taught Me To ‘Follow That Dream’

Illustration by George Mager

Read the full story by Naomi Ulsted