Photo by Elann Danziger
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Since 2002, Karaoke Killed the Cat has been one of New
York’s most bold and vocal night parties. Every Friday, founder Chris Goldteeth and hype man Lord Easy unleash a show of dance, song and the occasional pants-less singalong at Brooklyn's Union Hall. With no inhibitions and a democratic approach to exhibition, the two karaoke DJs have built this midnight party into a community-building testament to oral tradition.

James Boo is a freelance journalist and the Editor-in-Chief of Real Cheap Eats, a locals’ guide to New York food for $10 or less. You can read more of his stories at

Elann Danziger is an actor, writer, photographer, and former karaoke host living in Park Slope. He produces and hosts the podcast Lost & Rewound, and has no plans of updating Last Night's Karaoke anytime soon.

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