Photo by Olmo Calvo
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The global financial crisis and a culture of real estate speculation gone bad has had a desperate effect on once-wealthy Spain, where there are now millions of unemployed citizens, many on the verge of social exclusion. Now, they are self-organizing and bringing their grief to the streets, demanding the government take a stance to defend the future of their families.

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Olmo Calvo is a Spanish freelance photojournalist, member and cofounder of the SUB photography cooperative in Buenos Aires. He lives in Madrid and never leaves his cameras at home.

Eva Filgueira is a freelance journalist and multimedia editor based in Madrid. She loves storytelling and has done multimedia projects for Magnum Photos (NYC).

Gabriel Pecot is a freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer living in Madrid, Spain. Since he discovered audio and motion, nothing was the same again .

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