Illustration by Gretta Johnson

When I checked myself into a psychiatric emergency room for suicidal thoughts, I didn't expect to spend a week in a mental hospital. Twenty-three years old, I was initially placed in a geriatric mental ward because there was no space for me elsewhere. Later in the week, I got inextricably caught up in some fellow patients' scheme to smoke in a smoking-free hospital. This piece follows my hospitalization and eventual recovery from severe depression.

"Waiting for Zoloft" was written and narrated by Lucy Sun, and produced and edited by Emon Hassan.

Lucy Sun lives in New York City. She works as a tech strategy consultant to the publishing industry. She also performs autobiographical stories about her life on stage.

Gretta Johnson is an artist based in New York. Her first comic book, Star Fruit, was published in 2013 and she is currently working on a new book. She teaches printmaking, graphic novel and drawing classes at the Childrens Museum of the Arts in Manhattan and has had animations featured on the Huffington Post and various international film festivals.

Emon Hassan, who produced and edited the recording, is Narratively's Director of Video & Multimedia and a New York-based filmmaker and photographer. He is also a contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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