1. My Psychic Told Me to Date a Psychopath

By Erika Lauren

Illustration by Mariah Llanes
Illustration by Mariah Llanes

She was so certain that this guy was “the one”, and I was so desperate to believe her that I ignored all the signs telling me he most definitely wasn’t.

2. That Time I Dated – and Dumped – a Nice Guy Just to See What It Was Like

By Lilly O’Donnell

Illustration by Sophia Foster-Domino

Fresh off having my heart broken for the first time, I wanted something safe and easy. I should have known that would mean breaking someone else’s heart.

3. Falling For a Hells Angels

By Jill Rothenberg

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen / AP Images
Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen / AP Images

When a mild-mannered book editor with a sheltered background breaks into a world of outlaw bikers, the excitement is alluring, but the violence is never far behind.

4. No Sex, With Strings Attached

By Kirstin Kelley

Illustration by Charlotte Peys
Illustration by Charlotte Peys

A growing number of adults openly avow no interest in sexual contact. What happens when one of them falls for someone who wants to get laid?

5. Lost in Space

By Mike Albo

Illustration by Alison Brockhouse

A writer reflects on his decade-long search for sex and love in the tumultuous world of gay online hookups.

6. Looking for Love in Gut-Bomb City

By Gwendolyn Knapp

Illustration by Anna Haifisch

In the land of never-ending po’ boys, goopy gumbo and high-octane cocktails, a woman with irritable bowel syndrome searches for a soul mate—and the closest possible toilet.

7. The Most Offensive Thing My Therapist Ever Said to Me

By Amy Klein

Illustration by Camily Tsai
Illustration by Camily Tsai

I still can’t believe he thought those words were okay. But it did help me move on…from my shrink.