The Extraordinary Story of Prisoner 16389067

By | March 24, 2016

Jesse Krimes served five years in federal prison for drug charges. While incarcerated, Krimes created a larger-than-life work of art that he considers a reflection of the very walls that confined him. Working with only one small, individual section at a time, he created an approximately fifteen-foot-tall, thirty-foot-long piece of art, crafted from prison bed sheets which he obtained by paying off the washroom attendant. Using hair gel and a plastic spoon, Krimes transferred newsprint images from The New York Times onto the bed sheets, then had each panel sent out of prison.

* * *

Jon Kaufman is a Philadelphia-born and raised director, producer, and cinematographer. A graduate of Temple University, he has worked internationally on documentaries, and produced content for companies such as VICE, RedBull, and National Geographic. He is currently the co-founder of the Media In Neighborhoods Group (MING) in Philadelphia.

Seven Halsema is an accomplished post-production engineer. Before his career in the film industry, he studied Behavioral Science and taught and mentored immigrant youth in underserved areas of Amsterdam. He has worked on major productions such as The Voice, Madagascar, Cars, Harry Potter, and for clients like Nike, Porsche, and Audi. He is now a content director for the Media In Neighborhoods Group (MING) in Philadelphia.

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