The use of smartphones in Mexico more than doubled in 2012 and grew by another fifty percent in 2013 — a trend that is of course echoed in countries around the globe, both rich and poor.

It has been curious for me to see how the people in my country have become trapped inside their mobile devices, and I began taking photographs of people using their phones. These images were taken at the Auditorio Nacional concert theatre in Mexico City on December 11, 2013.

For many of us, our smartphone has become our inseparable friend. A technological accessory made for intelligent people makes our lives more comfortable, but transforms us into slow, dependent and unthinking people. It is a new drug, and also a new addiction. The people cannot wait for it. They line up outside stores to be among the first to get it. The world falls apart when they are in a place where wifi does not exist. They are like addicts running in circles, searching for the next dose of signals. The accessory has come to dominate us, and we are like addicts who can never put down the drug, not even for a moment.

* * *

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Octavio Hoyos is a staff photographer at Melinio, a Mexican newspaper. His work had been published in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Germany.