Look up from the busy streets of New York City and you might glimpse a flock of purebred pigeons swooping in circles around an abandoned tenement building in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their aerial acrobatics are guided by their keeper, a streetwise Puerto Rican nicknamed 2Tone. On the other end of the borough, a man named Goodwin and his pal Super 13 tend their own pigeon coop and flock of 300 birds. Each man is trying to beat the other, to lure his birds away. It’s about bragging rights but it’s also about poetry, it’s about religion. It’s about finding that “true pigeon that will never break your heart,” as 2Tone says.

* * *

Ram Devineni is the producer of “The Russian Woodpecker,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at 2015 Sundance Film Festival and the creator of the innovative comic book, “Priya’s Shakti.” “The Pigeons Kings of Bushwick” was co-produced with Ashok Sinha and Martina Sönksen.