(Still from Tag Savage's Sideways Brain)
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Tag Savage is a little bit in denial. He runs a blog that is followed by people he admires, but that he keeps a secret from his own family. He posts to it several times a day, but he doesn't like to talk about it or even say its name—Sexpigeon—out loud. It doesn't have his contact information. It doesn't have his name. But Tag Savage does have a blog, and it is called Sexpigeon, and in the five years of its existence it has changed his life.

Stan Alcorn is a print, radio and video journalist raised in New Mexico and based in New York City. 

Rebecca Davis is a video journalist based in New York City. Her work focuses on social issues, community programs, the arts, and unique New Yorkers. 

Russell Brandom makes music sometimes and also writes for The Verge.

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