When Tobhi met Dan it was love at first sight, and before too long there was talk of getting engaged. Only that’s when the trouble started. This is the story of one Australian couple’s competing expectations of the perfect proposal and how their differences threatened to unravel all that they had – a true story of love and survival.

*   *    *

Kate Montague is a radio producer and documentary storyteller based in Sydney, Australia.

Sarah Clark is an illustrator and animator living in Oakland, CA. She makes masks, monster doodles and baseball comics.

Music credits: ‘Careful Diagrams’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott, Imaginary Friend’ by johnny_ripper, ‘Under Glass’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott,  ‘Ice Machines’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott, ‘How do I say goodbye’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott

Also by Kate Montague on Narratively