Chasing London’s Mysterious Flock of Feral Birds

They escaped from George Michael’s house. They fled climate change. Jimi Hendrix got high and set them free. Everyone has a theory on how the parakeets got here. Tracking the truth taught me more about my city than about the animals themselves.

Why I Dodge Speeding Cars to Rescue Rattlesnakes

These elegant creatures aren’t the murderous monsters you’ve seen in the movies. If I don’t save them, who will?

My Secret Life on the Front Lines of America’s Conservation Movement

From tracking wolf-poachers and dodging bears to dissecting deer doodoo, the work of a traveling wildlife biologist isn’t pretty, but it sure is thrilling.

Our Dog Would Eat Anything. This Time the Takeout Fought Back.

When my boyfriend left for an overseas trip, I had no clue about the pet-sitter’s nightmare that awaited me.

My Dog Insisted I Go Crotchless

Nessa always had an insatiable appetite...and then she found my underwear stash.

My Magical First Job Running Wild in an Indonesian Zoo

As a twelve-year-old trainee I hand-fed hippos, hugged orangutans and was even bit by a baby tiger. Now that I’m an adult I wonder if kids these days need a little more dangerous freedom.

Our Puppy’s Guide to Digesting an Entire Wedding Album

The leather-bound memories of the beautiful bride and the tearful father-daughter dance were treasured by my in-laws. Mako had other ideas.


The Path to Triple Crown Glory Is Through a Horse’s Heart

By | June 10, 2016

Going trackside with the horse racing experts who use big data and intensive equine analysis to pick the winners long before they hit the starting gate.
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