Can Hydroponic Lettuce Save Coal Country?

Young people tend to talk about “getting out” of McDowell County, West Virginia. But one radical farmer is bringing life back to his struggling hometown.

One Fast Food Fanatic’s Quest to Make His Chicken Chain the Next McDonald’s

Albert Okura lives and breathes the legend of Ray Kroc – he even bought the first McDonald’s location – and he won’t stop until his own franchise is a household name.

One Entrepreneur’s Battle to Bring Beer to Sober Island

Rebecca Atkinson hatched an ambitious plan to launch the first brewery on this aptly named Nova Scotian isle. Instead, her oyster-brewed stout ignited a turf war with a longtime...

How One Fast Food Superfan Brought a Beloved Cult Chain Back From the Dead

This Orange County web developer had an insatiable craving for a cheesy California taco-burger chain that shuttered back in 1995. Soon he realized he wasn’t alone.

For the Perfect Jerk Chicken, Fly to Newfoundland

Why two Jamaican exiles opened their dream restaurant 2,500 miles from home.

My Father’s Four Years of Passionate and Earnest Love Letters — to Jamba Juice

After 40+ years as a play-it-straight insurance lawyer, my secretly witty dad finally found his ideal creative outlet in the land of Super Antioxidant Smoothies. (I’m not so...

The Greatest Bourbon Ever Stolen

When $50,000 worth of Kentucky’s most coveted bourbon suddenly goes missing, a few determined detectives spend years trying to crack the case of the AWOL alcohol.

The Ugandan Dictator and the Louisiana Crayfish

The surprising story of how Gulf Coast crustaceans and South Asian spices birthed a tasty new cuisine—and an economic success—along a lake in the heart of Africa.


Kung Fu Noodles

By Yihuan Wu & Xiaoran Liu | July 11, 2013

From a basement shop in New York, a TV star turned cook dreams of noodle notoriety on the silver screen.
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