48 Hours on the Dark Side of Las Vegas

Penthouse orgies fueled by pill-pushing hotel employees. A drug house stocked with sex slaves. Hidden homeless encampments underneath the casinos. A shockingly personal investigation shows the real Sin City is even seedier than you imagined.

Flirting with Fame and Dodging a Predator in 1970s Iran

At the age of thirteen, my trip to a film festival in the Middle East turned terrifying when a grown man invited himself to my hotel room. I escaped unscathed, but I’ve been haunted ever since by the gruesome fate he most surely met.

Have You Heard the One About the Jewish Comedian in China?

For the past 28 years I’ve built a stand-up routine based largely on my New York neuroses, and scheduled around my personal phobia of leaving the five boroughs. When I booked a weeklong gig on the other side of the planet I had no idea what to expect—and neither did China.

The Photographer at the Top of the World

When a Danish special forces operative was stationed in remote Greenland, he found his calling: getting remarkably up-close and personal with the rarified creatures on the edge of the Earth.

Overcoming Post-Natal Depression—On Horseback in Kazakhstan

A terrifying experience with my sick newborn sent me into a downward spiral of nightmares, depression and self-harm. It took a 24-day trip through a remote region of Central Asia to find myself again.

Secrets of the World’s Super-Explorers

For 111 years, a Manhattan mansion has been the gathering ground for adventurers who risk everything to reach the ends of the earth, depths of the oceans, and heights of the heavens.

Keys to Freeze, Mile 0: 200 Days to Deadhorse

A cadre of young explorer-cyclists embark on a 9,000-mile unsupported journey through the great American wilderness, from Key West to Alaska.

Manhattan’s Hidden Village

Heavy gates, Tudor homes and a fraternal spirit make a private nook on the Upper West Side feel downright colonial.


What Do You Give a Country for Its 100th Birthday? How About an Entire Mountain?

By | January 17, 2017

Neighborly Norwegians hatched a plan for Finland’s 2017 centennial: gift them their country’s new highest peak. But is their quirky plan an insurmountable climb?
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