Shungaboy wants to paint, but even more so, he wants to be naked. The Men’s Naked Drawing Group, which Shungaboy founded, is a group of like-minded nudists who want a place to explore their art without judgment. In a small studio in SoHo, they do just that, meeting every two weeks to rediscover their naked selves. A New York resident who does not like to reveal his name, Shungaboy’s adopted moniker is borrowed from “Shunga,” the erotic art form of seventeenth-century Japan that inspires him. “The natural body is actually more attractive than the chiseled hunk,” Shungaboy says, which may as well be the motto of this accepting group of painters.

Joshua Futtersak

Joshua Futtersak is a multimedia journalist specializing in video and photography. He focuses on international topics and the unseen side of NYC.

Barbara Marcolini

Barbara Marcolini is a multimedia reporter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently based in New York City. She is focused on interactive journalism, social media and innovative storytelling.