Kerzlake thought she’d mastered the art of whip cracking. But coming home one night through the dark streets of Darwin, Australia, an unexpected showdown with a stranger made her take a deeper look at her beloved art form. Kerzlake tells her true story; produced by Kate Montague.

*   *   *  

Kate Montague is a radio producer and documentary storyteller with a passion for all things sound. ‘Zen and the art of whip cracking’ originally aired on All the Best, a storytelling show on Sydney’s FBi Radio.

T Edward Bak is drawn to travel and frequently migrates throughout North America. His comics stories have been featured in Drawn and Quarterly Showcase, The Best American Comics 2008, The Graphic Canon, and MOME. His graphic novel, Island of Memory, will be published in fall 2013.

Music credits: ‘Don’t cry oh/ cry no,’ Alexandre David Gabriel. ‘Fall Moon,’ Buildings and Mountains. ‘Tension Feedback,’ Cameron Emerson-Elliott. ‘Red in Black,’ Kosta T. ‘On The Ward.’ Cameron Emerson-Elliott.